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Dr Omer Eljyli Hajelssedig

Welcome Omer

All the way from Qatar in the Middle East and accompanied by his wife and three children, Omer relocated to Nelson in September 2017, seeking permanent residency in New Zealand.

Omer recalls that this move was against friends’ advice, who told him to firstly go without his family, given the uncertainty around living on the other side of the world. He ignored this because he believed (and still does) in multiculturalism. He’d heard a lot about just how beautiful New Zealand was, how the people embraced diversity and how friendly Kiwis are.

Their first home was in The Wood, the heart of Nelson. During the very first few days, Omer remembers fondly how their new neighbours came from all four directions to say hello and welcome them, confirming his impressions about Kiwis.

Omer notes… “We have now been living in New Zealand for nearly five years now and Kiwis continue to make us feel at home. People smile and talk to you on the street and whenever possible. That’s why I believe I should make myself and my family useful and contribute to this amazing community and its wonderful people.

I have been doing my best to fulfil my role as a consultant gastroenterologist in Nelson hospital, but I noticed that the service isn’t accessible for all, so I sought to make myself available in private practice too.

I have also started a project to improve the model of quality care for patients with inflammatory bowel disease, a life-long condition that afflicts predominantly young people, affecting their productivity and quality of life.

I now call Nelson home and hope it will be so for my children for generations to come.”

Well Omer, we’re absolutely thrilled to have you onboard at Tasman Day Surgery!

Thank you for providing your expertise, skill and knowledge towards Nelson-Tasman’s healthcare and wellness. To you and your beautiful whānau… Nau mai, haere mai

Dr Omer Eljyli Hajelssedig
Associate Consultant Gastroenterologist,
Hamad Medical Corporation
Assistant Professor of medicine,
Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar
Teaching Assistant,
Harvard T. H.CHAN School of Public Health
M.D,MRCP, European Board of GI and Hepatology
Hamad General Hospital.

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