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Patient Health Questionnaire: Please ensure you have completed a patient health questionnaire well before your surgical/procedure date.

Where we are located: 341 Lower Queen Street, Richmond 7020.

Parking: There is plenty of free onsite parking at both Tasman Day Surgery and immediately next door at Lower Queen Street Health.

Telephones: With the exception of theatre cellphones can be used by patients to make calls. Please note voice or video recording within the hospital complex is prohibited for reasons of security and privacy.

Refreshments: Will be made available for our post operative patients.

What to wear:  Wear light, comfortable clothes.

After surgery: It is a requirement that you have someone to pick you up after surgery, and be able to look after you until the next morning.

Prohibited: Smoking/Vaping on the Tasman Day Surgery premises is prohibited.

Anaesthetic or Sedation: If you are having a general anaesthetic or sedation you will need to abstain from food and liquids for several hours prior to surgery. You will be advised in advance of any nil by mouth instructions if this applies to you.


General Admission Instructions

You are welcome to print off and complete the Patient Health Questionnaire and send to [email protected] or drop in to our reception. Patient Health Questionnaire

Suggestions, Compliments & Concerns

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