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Day surgery is a modern concept made possible through new anaesthetic and surgical techniques, reducing your hospital visit to one day or just hours. The highest quality care is maintained with the benefit of being discharged on the same day.

Day surgery effectively reduces anxiety normally associated with undergoing surgical procedures, and it is the ideal way to avoid disruption at your home or work.

You can ask for a referral from your GP, or alternatively, contact us directly.

Bowel cancer, also called colon, rectal or colorectal cancer, is the second highest cause of cancer death in New Zealand. Around 3000 New Zealanders are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year.

Identified early, bowel cancer is treatable, and a colonoscopy is the best way of diagnosing it. The team at Tasman Day Surgery are very experienced in endoscopy and will provide a comfortable experience with a stay of 3 hours or under on the day of the procedure.

There are important pre-procedural instructions around bowel preparation, depending on whether you have a morning or afternoon appointment. Download instructions here.

Your health provider can use the ERMS referral system or email us directly.

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